Google+ and the problem with mixed metaphors

November 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

By now, plenty has been written about the trials of Google+, including this now infamous rant  and grandaddy of accidental reply-all screw-ups by Google’s own Steve Yegge. But the question still remains as to why Google+ Circles — arguably the most lauded and distinguishing feature of the platform — has largely failed to meet user expectations.

As it turns out, Steve Yegge’s mistake of publicly posting something intended for a select circle of Google+ friends could have easily happened to anyone:

Thanks to my IIT Institute of Design colleagues Jin Shaun Ang and Kris Angell for their help in conducting this quick-and-dirty little usability study.


Yuan, Hong Kong and US dollars, a few pesos, and a stray Macanese Pataca occupy my wallet. Tokens of perpetual jetlag.

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Ads like this make me hope RFID will replace QR codes in the very near future

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Jason Lazarus on photography as a means of finding new ways into history.

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Adding badges to a CRM program is the new “friend us on Facebook.” Behold: #badgeification

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Laptop battle on a cool night in Austin.

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